Youth Solidarities in the 21st Century

Call for: papers
Deadline: 25/04/2010

Scientific Research Centre in Ulyanovsk (Russia) celebrates its 15th Anniversary and organizes ? conference with the theme “Youth Solidarities in the 21st Century: old names, new styles, spaces and practices”, which will take place from 20th – 22nd August 2010 in Ulyanovsk (Russia).

Plenary Speakers
Professor Hilary Pilkington (University of Warwick)
Professor Elena Omelchenko (State University Higher School of Economics in Saint- Petersburg)
Professor Igor Kon (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAN, Moscow)

Youth has always been of central concern to adults and the state and a range of fears and anxieties has shaped governmental as well as research approaches to the “youth question.” Young people’s lives have changed quite significantly in the past few decades. These changes have affected relationships with family and friends, experiences in education and the labour market as well as leisure and lifestyles.
This conference aims to explore the new dynamics of youth solidarities that were brought about as a consequence of the political and societal changes in the Eurasian space.

Papers may address, but should not be limited to, the following themes:
After youth subcultures: what next?
New youth solidarities
Youth solidarities in the global and local context
Old names and new patterns of youth solidarities
Youth, citizenship and political participation
Consumption and youth solidarities
Youth solidarities and the internet
Young people in the Soviet Union
Youth and patriotism
Ethnic and religious youth solidarities
Gender regimes of contemporary youth scenes
Violence and youth solidarities
Youth careers and mobilities
Sexuality and youth cultures

Working languages
English and Russian

Submission procedure

All interested applicant should submit abstract (max. 250 words) and short info about themselves to:

The deadline for submission is 25th April 2010.

More detailed info (in Russian)

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