Professor De Winter Scholarship, University of Twente

Deadline: 08/04/2010
Open to:
female, Non-EU/EEA, all fields of study

Requirements for application

– must be female
– must be an excellent student
– must be prepared to contact Mrs. De Winter to inform her about their study progress
– must have completed the online application through the graduate website
– must be admitted and nominated by the faculty involved
– must be a future leader (of industry)
– must be strongly committed to social society

Short description

This scholarship for the academic year 2010/2011 is provided by Mrs. De Winter, the widow of Prof. ir. Herman de Winter. Professor De Winter was one of the founders of the research and education department of the former Technical College Twente. In 1969 he became the first career counselor of Technical Physics. Before that, he had already been appointed as professor in Technical Physics at the department of Electrical Engineering.

Professor De Winter was always engaged with Technical Physics. Together with his wife, he was always interested in how ‘his’ students were doing. Professor De Winter died 7 October 2005. Mrs. De Winter is still very engaged with the University of Twente and expresses this by donating an annual €10.000 of which €7.500 is meant for awarding a scholarship.
Application information

After being admitted to the University, the faculty may decide to nominate you for the scholarship. In that case the faculty will contact you to confirm your interest in the scholarship.

For questions please send an email to scholarship[at]

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2 thoughts on “Professor De Winter Scholarship, University of Twente

  1. Dear members of the Selection Committee of the University of Twente.

    I would like to apply for the Professor de Winter Scholarship, but unfortunately there is no clear information on the application form. The Moldovan Ministry of education has published your announcement in E – NEWSLETTER NR. 13 (299), APRIL 06 TH 2010 – NATIONAL YOUTH RESOURCE CENTRE (NYRC) at This means, that there are only two days to be acquainted with your information to participate properly in the selection procedure. Is it still possible to get information on the application form or the person, responsible for this selection in Moldova?

    That would be nice to be announced in time to make the competition in Moldova more transparent and well organized.

    Sincerely yours,

    Aurelia Lozan

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