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Saint Petersburg State University (SPbSU) is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious universities in Russia. There are more than 32,000 students in SPBSU, receiving education in more than 323 specialties in 20 faculties. SPbSU staff comprises almost 14,000 people, including nearly 6,000 teachers (1,000 Doctors of Science, over 2,000 Candidates of Science, 42 Academicians of state academies) who represent 289 academic departments.

International Activities

Office for International and Foreign Economic Affairs promotes students, researchers and academic staff exchange programmes and academic cooperation. At the present time St. Petersburg University cooperates with 230 higher education institutions of Europe, North America, Asia and South America, including the University of Cambridge (Great Britain), the University of Bologna (Italy), the Free University of Berlin, the University of Hamburg (Germany), Carleton University (Canada), the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), the University of Stockholm (Sweden), the Municipal University of Osaka (Japan).The University is member of 13 international associations and cooperates with the international organizations.

Degree Studies

St. Petersburg State University  currently offers more than 90 degree programmes in more than 30 areas of study. Along with traditional Specialist Degree (5 years Diploma) programmes there are Bachelor Degree (4 years) and Master Degree (2 years) programmes as well as postgraduate studies (Candidate of Science) and doctoral studies (Doctor of Science) available. Those degree programmes are mostly distributed among 20 Faculties, however some of them are multidisciplinary and involve several Faculties.

The language of instruction in most degree programmes is Russian. At the same time there are several degree programmes with instruction in English and other languages.

St. Petersburg State University also offers more than 20 innovative degree programmes  developed jointly with our foreign partners. A double degree (two diplomas) or a degree from SPSU + Certificate are valuable advantages of these programmes.

Most degree programmes are open for foreign citizens who meet all entry demands and are ready to provide all necessary documents according to the relevant rules and regulations in force.

Foreign citizens should pay a tuition fee which varies depending on a certain degree programme.

If you are interested in getting a degree from St. Petersburg State University, please contact the Host Faculty directly. There you can get information about degree programmes, current tuition fees, admission procedure and other significant matters.

Mobility Programmes

St. Petersburg University fruitfully cooperates with its academic partners developing the international academic mobility programmes such as Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window, Finnish-Russian Cross Border University, Finnish-Russian student exchange Program, Santander University, Campus Europae. Programmes info.

Students exchange programme (SEP)

This non-degree mobility programme is offered to foreign students from our Partner Universities who intend to spend 1 or 2 semesters abroad as exchange students within the frames of bilateral cooperation agreements. Incoming mobility within the frames of International Academic Mobility & Students Exchange Programmes is also organized as SEP.

SEP participants choose 1 host faculty at SPSU to attend lectures, seminars and practical training from the curricula provided for the current exchange period.

SEP at SPSU is open for both undergraduate and graduate (master) students, and also for postgraduate (PhD) students who want to attend lectures and seminars. SEP is not earmarked for conducting any separate research.

SEP students can also take a free Russian language course during the whole exchange period.

Depending on conditions stated in a certain cooperation agreement SEP participants could be provided with some of following advantages at SPSU:

* Tuituion fee waiver
* Free accommodation at students’ dormitory
* Monthly scholarship

Applicants should consult with their Home International Office or Students Exchange Coordinator regarding the abovementioned possibilities.

Applicants from a Partner University should complete their application packages and submit it to their Home International Office or Students Exchange Coordinator.
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