Jagiellonian University, Krakow

It is one of the oldest European universities. It was founded in 1364, and is unavoidable part of Krakow’s life for almost 650 years. It played very important role in the European education, so even in the 15th century almost half of the entire student population was coming from abroad.  Today, with the number of different programs, growing curriculum, and of course offering education on different languages, JU is once again attracting a big number of the world’s best students to its ancient halls and modern campus. Being recognised worldwide, the JU is a member of the European University Association, Coimbra Group and the Utrecht Network.

It has almost 46 000 students, 3657 academic teachers and almost 500 distinguished professors.  JU provides 93 professionally focused course areas in the most notable fields. For the past few years, JU has consistently occupied top positions in various rankings of the best universities in Poland. Its degrees are recognized worldwide.

International students

JU offers different  courses in English and other foreign languages for the international students. Some of these courses are: MA in European Studies; MA in Central & Eastern European Studies; MA in English, MSc in Biotechnology Literature, Studies in Medicine etc.
You will find the whole list of courses in English HERE

The International Students Office provides students with the different information and refers to the relevant institutes for academic details. All international students must first register at this Office.
International students may also join a summer school programme offered by the university or learn about Polish language and culture. Interested students should contact the respective schools directly.
The International Students Office, as the admissions office of the Jagiellonian University, provides information and counselling for foreign students wishing to study at this institution.

Fees and scholarships

Programmes in foreign languages are mostly fee-paying for all students. Non-degree programmes are fee-paying for alljagielonian_university1 students except exchange students (e.g. ERASMUS).
Foreign citizens having also Polish citizenship or a Polish permanent residence card are treated as Polish citizens (exempt from paying tuition fees for regular studies in Polish). EU citizens are also treated as Polish citizens (exempt from paying tuition fees for regular studies in Polish). However, they are not entitled to doctoral scholarships or social financial aid given to some Polish students. Holders of the Polish Government Scholarship, other government scholarships or scholarships granted by other institutions are exempt from paying tuition fees.

Polish Government Scholarships
Polish Government Scholarships are awarded to academic staff and students based n mutual agreements between countries. International students applying for the Polish Government Scholarship should enquire and submit suitable documents at Polish Embassies and Consulates in their countries of residence. Their applications are later sent to the Jagiellonian University by the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange in Warsaw.
Scholarships per month: (acad year 2009-2010)
•    900 PLN for Bachelor and Master studies
•    1,350 PLN for non-degree research and doctoral studies
•    1,600 PLN for research (with habilitation)

To find out more about Polish Government Scholarships, check this page.

Central European Exchange Program for University Studies. CEEPUS website.

Visegrad Scholarship Program
Visegrad Fund offers Master’s and Post-Master’s scholarships for 1 or 2 semesters. Visegrad Fund website.

Jagiellonian University (Uniwersytet Jagiellonski)
ul. Golebia 24,
31-007 Kraków, Poland
phone: +48 12 663 63 77
fax: +48 12 422 63 06
e-mail: admissions@adm.uj.edu.pl

Official webpage

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