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The University of Nova Gorica is located in the towns of Nova Gorica, Gorizia (in Italy), and Ajdovscina. The University of Nova Gorica grew out of the School of Environmental Sciences founded in 1995. In 2006, the former Nova Gorica Polytechnic was renamed the University of Nova Gorica. Today the University has 7 schools and 9 research institutes.

* Graduate school
* School for Viticulture and Enology
* School of Applied Sciences
* School of Arts
* School of Engineering and Management
* School of Environmental Sciences
* School of Humanities

Undergraduate programmes and graduate programmes here.


Higher Education Application-Information Service offers information about enrolment, conditions for enrolment, information about academic programmes, and other information concerning studies at Nova Gorica University. Web site.

Scholarships in Slovenia

Republiski zavod za zaposlovanje (Slovenia’s Office for Employment) annually publishes tenders for professional and national scholarships.

Each academic year students can apply for the following scholarships:

1. Professional scholarships, normally offered by various companies. For the whole of Slovenia the tender for these scholarships is normally published in March in the special editions of the National Office for Employment. Candidates submit their applications directly to the companies offering the scholarships. We would recommend that candidates contact the human resources department of the company offering the scholarship they are interested in, and obtain detailed information on the application dates and documents required for application. In the first part of the tender are professional scholarships offered by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the posts in public administration.

2. The national and ZOIS scholarships

3. Scholarships offered by various foundations, which are private or state institutions. The aim of the foundations is to financially support successful candidates, and the criteria for obtaining the scholarships vary from the social, regional to political ones. Some of the foundations include The Foundation of dr Anton Trstenjak, Foundation Ana, Slovene scientific foundation, Educational foundation of Pomurje region, Foundation Ajda at Peasants Society, Student development fund of the Faculty of Economics, etc. The tenders for scholarships are normally published in the newspapers and on the internet.

Erasmus bilateral agreements.

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